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Frosted Dumortierite Healing Bracelet ~ TRANSFORMATION

Frosted Dumortierite Healing Bracelet ~ TRANSFORMATION

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HAKRA: Throat

ELEMENT: Water and Air

7 inches diameter these feature frosted/matte beads 

8mm gemstones on elastic

Dumortierite is a beautiful deep denim blue crystal that is linked with the planet Uranus,  as the planet and the crystal both represent change that may come in unexpected ways and forms

It is a stone of patience and brings insight and personal spiritual growth

Emotionally good to release anger or negative vibes you may be holding onto. Used during anger management it provides healing energies to release any baggage you have pent up

Use to keep a positive and fresh outlook, if the odds seem against you

Perfect if you are obsessive, have addictions, or suffer anxiety and depression.  It will soothe and calm with its energies

It is a crystal helpful in relationships, communication with pets and during meditation it will help communication with your guides, angels and higher realms 

Metaphysically healing for Tourette syndrome, fevers, thyroid issues, headaches and cramping 

You receive one bracelet chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 

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