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Frosted Red Agate Frosted Healing Bracelet ~ GODDESS

Frosted Red Agate Frosted Healing Bracelet ~ GODDESS

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10mm gemstones on elastic

7 inches circumference

This collection features our new frosted crystals, enjoy their unique look and feel 

Healing bracelets are an easy way to receive crystal energies in your daily routine

Do not wet your bracelet as quality may be affected over time 

Agate brings protective energies to their families. It is a stone that balances our Yin/yang energies.

Agate stabilises our Aura and brings harmony and calming energies

Agate brings courage, strength and confidence and eases our fears

It has grounding and earthy energies and brings positivity to our homes

Agates are powerful cleansers of all our Chakras and bring courage

Use it to protect from lower spirit energies 


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