Face Misting Bottle ~ Garnet



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CHAKRA: Root, Heart


Glass bottle is 10ml with crystal chips included

These little misting bottles are perfect for your handbag!

Simply fill with some filtered spring water and use whenever you need a crystal water refresh during the day or night.

paced in the fridge overnight brings beautiful results when sprayed in the morning! Reduce any puffy areas with cooling crystal water.

Always allow to dry in between uses. I don’t recommend keeping water in for 24 hours

Crystal elixirs/water are ancient remedies that allow us to absorb the stone vibrations when we add water 

 Garnet is a stone of fertility and sexual potency

Symbolic of protection, healing and warmth

It redirects anger from inwards and sends it into the Universe and away from ourselves harmlessly

It raises our Sacral energies and rises it through our chakra centres. It is full of vitality and rids us of stress

Metaphysically healing for pain, useful in childbirth, menstruation, fertility and libido boosting