Gem Candle ~ PROBLEM SOLVER ~ Amber & Tigers Eye



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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus, Sacral

ELEMENT: Earth, Fire

weight: 700gms

height: 110mm

width: 80mm

These beautiful organic candles contain no nasty inclusions

They feature a glass reusable jar which contains soy wax infused with essential oils of Jasmine

This candle features the inclusion of Amber & Tigers eye chips

Amber has been long loved in folklore by gypsys and healers alike, it has wonderful uplifting energies

Amber is semi fossilised tree resin called copal, it often contains plant matter and insects that become trapped in the forming resin

It brings emotional courage and allows us to remove obstacles from our life

Great for relieving depression, anxiety and addictions with its positive vibes

Magically, Amber is used for past life recall, and ancient wisdom

It has electrostatic properties and is one of the best healers for most ailments

Metaphysically healing for female fertility and male virility, helps ease childbirth pain and is wonderful for teething toddlers, especially in necklace form

This crystal holds the Golden Ray and has powerful vibrations for healing physically and spiritually 

It provides us practical thinking and allows us to balance both light/dark, right/wrong and use them successfully 

This Stone also encourages wealth and abundance into the family home

Use it for good fortune and prosperity, it holds the power of both the Sun and Earth combined

Tigers Eye stone brings strength, courage and protection to its keeper

It is an ancient talisman that hold mysterious and powerful vibrations 

It has strong energies for balancing our Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras

Tigers Eye deflects negative energy away from its keeper and back to the person sending it

Metaphysically healing for stomach problems and boosting the energy in your body

Use for pain relief, inflammation, arthritis and digestive issues 

Restores balance within for harmony