Gem Tree ~ Chakra Crystals



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height: 200mm

width: 70mm 

Gem Trees connect us with balance and are considered to be symbolic of peace with harmony.

Trees of all shapes and sizes represent our ties deep within our Mother Earth and they hold much wisdom in nature.

These little creations offer the extra energy of the crystal they contain, along with their spiritual meaning, they make wonderful gifts for loved ones!

Root ~ Red Jasper ~ Grounding. Balancing. Energy boosting

Sacral ~ Carnelian ~ Sexuality. Fertility. Passion

Solar Plexus ~ Yellow Jasper ~ Nurturing. Digestion. Protection

Heart ~ Green Aventurine ~ Love. Emotional balance. Renewal

Throat ~ Lapis Lazuli ~ Communication. Relationships. Truth

Third Eye ~ Amethyst ~ Intuition. Spiritual Growth. Wisdom

 Crown ~ Clear Quartz ~ Equilibrium. White Light. Enlightenment

You receive one tree chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful

Please note they will be packed/wrapped so this will flatten the branches, on arrival gently stretch and arrange to your liking.