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Goddess Gold collection ~ Green Amethyst Dangles ~ Mermaid

Goddess Gold collection ~ Green Amethyst Dangles ~ Mermaid

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width: 43mm

height: 13mm

Prasiolite is also known as Green Amethyst, and holds all the healing as regular purple amethyst

Use this gorgeous stone, for fertility and all over healing

The colour green is associated with re-birth and new growth

Use this stone as a talisman for love, employment or general good vibes

Magickal aspect of this is amethyst absorbs negative energy, and shields you from harm

Metaphysically healing for boosting the immune system, skin issues or rashes from allergies

These earrings are genuine stamped .925 Sterling silver with 14kt Gold overlay 

They will retain their shine using a jewellery cloth and gently polishing

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