Gold Sheen Obsidian Pillow Palm Stone



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CHAKRA: Root and Solar Plexus

weight: 71gms

Height: 63mm

Width: 42mm

 This gorgeous stone is created when tiny bubbles of air are aligned with layers of Obsidian as molten lava is flowing before mixing with cool water

It’s one of the best scrying tools when used in a sphere or flat polished piece mirror

It allows us to make connection with our Guides and ancestors and may give important insight

It is believed by wearing Obsidian you deter those who try to obstruct your future path with negativity

Magickal Aspect Use by candlelight and search for images that appear on the surface, you may also try a torch or bright light

Think of it like a psychic shield against abuse cycles and bad energy

Metaphysically Healing for digestive issues, stress related dis-ease, natural pain relief and progressive eye problems



Palm stones are great used in meditation, massage, as worry stones or in crystal healing

On a healing level Palm Stones work by :

~ reducing our stress levels when we hold and stroke them

~ this releases our natural endorphins or painkillers

~ The crystal energies also give us their their healing vibrations

Known as “pillows“ due to their comfort of holding!

They resemble a plush pillow and fit so curved and snug in any palm

Alternatively place in your pillow case for healing during slumber and sweet dreaming