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Golden Healer Quartz Natural Point

Golden Healer Quartz Natural Point

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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus and Crown

weight: 446gms

height: 100mm

width: 82mm

This beautifully evolved stone clears our auric field, filling it with the golden ray  of light from the Universal Life force, it flows through our Crown Chakra and permeates all our organs and body for multi purpose healing

It allows new growth and emotions, allowing us to release old patterns.

Golden Quartz will move and releases energy blocks or stagnant energies, replenishing and restoring the body’s natural balance and harmony

This beautiful crystal brings gentle soothing but powerful vibrations of a master quartz 

It is a high vibrational stone that accesses the golden ray of light and healing

Golden Quartz is a stone of success and life giving sun energy 

Metaphysically healing for boosting the immune system and reducing stress and negativity

Double Termination Points are powerful healing tools with the following benefits:

~ They direct energy simultaneously through each end of their terminations

~ they cleanse and balance our chakras

~ they absorb stagnant energy away and direct positive energy flow in through our bodies

~ amplify intentions and manifesting

~ useful for lucid dreaming and recall

~ empowering yourself by circling above your crown chakra and moving down your body

~ enhancing meditation and psychic abilities

~ use as an energy bridge between any two vibrating things, people, crystals, animal healing

These sized Points are perfect for your crystal grids

You receive one Double Termination Point intuitively chosen for you

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