Grape Agate/Botryoidal Purple Chalcedony



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ELEMENT: Fire Element

weight: 278gms

height: 39mm

width: 96mm

This has to be one of those absolutely amazingly gorgeous creations from Mama Earth that leaves me speechless!

Grape Agate is a new find in the crystal world, even though called Agate it is actually a form of Botryoidal Purple Chalcedony

Botroydal simply means a cluster of small tiny rounds crystals that have formed together naturally

This stone has a tranquil peaceful natured and gentle vibes

Use it to promote your personal spiritual growth and find your inner self

Used in meditation it will bring deep levels of concentration quickly and allows you to find your karmic form

Use for dream recall, intuition and peaceful sleeping

Metaphysically healing for bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit

It is said to assist dementia, memory function and ease panic and anxiety attacks

Use for depression, if you feel sad or grieving, it opens the heart for emotional healing