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Green Azurite & Turquoise Silver Pendant

Green Azurite & Turquoise Silver Pendant

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CHAKRA: Heart & Throat


height: 39mm

width: 23mm

An ancient stone of mystic vibrations and healing qualities….

Think Goddesses of Ancient Egypt who used for the pigment to paint the protective Eye of Horus on their foreheads or used it as makeup

It encourages study, concentration and memory recall. So it’s great if you are studying or learning a new skill

She will also help your creativity and spiritual intuition. Use during meditation to help connect with your Spirit Guides or Ancestors

She brings us prosperity and calming energy

Her vibrations will cleanse our body energy points and remove any blockages residing

Metaphysically Healing for helping you gain self esteem and confidence

~ Turquoise is a stone of high regard to Native Americans and has been used extensively in jewellery, beadwork and pottery.

Navajo and Zuni Native Americans believe turquoise to encourage rain. They would throw the stone into the river whilst praying to the spirits.

Metaphysically it has healing energy for bringing calm to our minds, helping lethargy and easing depression with it’s peaceful energies. It may ease respiratory problems and allergies.

It is believed to bring good luck, safe travels, spiritual protection and is a Talisman to be worn when creativity and ambition are needed.

Turquoise is Symbolic of good fortune, it also holds protective energies to its wearer.

Genuine .925 sterling Silver 

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