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Green Flower Jasper/Rhyolite Generator

Green Flower Jasper/Rhyolite Generator

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CHAKRA: Root and Heart


Weight: 78gms

Height: 91mm

Width: 28mm

Shes a beauty from Madagascar! 

The energy is soothing, nurturing and grounding with her soft tones and flowing patterns

Flower jasper shares a feminine vibration that is gentle and loving of our emotions. Allow her to set you on a new path and leave the old one behind…

Connect with higher spiritual realms and bloom

It often resembles seeds and blossoms/petals just like flowers, hence her pretty name

Use a piece to manifest your ideal life and use it during meditation for spiritual growth

Rhyolite helps us connect with nature and as with any Jasper inclusion it is here to nurture our frayed emotions and dispel any stress 

This crystal will vary patterns depending on origin, this originates in Madagascar and it’s amazing! 

Use your Generator in your meditation practice for powerful visions and growth

Use standing points or generators for charging or energising the atmosphere in any room

To bring protection and grounding in meditation

To energise your other crystals

To freshen the atmosphere and your surrounds

Use as a meditation focal point

Use them as a centre piece in gridding layouts

Attract prosperity to your home and business

Generators will stimulate and cleanse the Chakras

Removes negative energy of all kinds

Generators are recognised by their 6 faces joining to form the terminated apex

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