Double Termination Points ~ Green Fluorite


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CHAKRA: Heart and Third Eye

ELEMENT: Air and Water

weight: 5gms

height: 10mm

width: 45mm all averages

Fluorite relieves stress and protects against negative energy

A stone for clarity of mind clarity with calm and cooling vibrations

Helps retain information and provide clear thinking with rational thoughts

Good for studying and students. It allows us new growth and forward moving

Fluorite is like a breath of fresh air to your surrounds and brings with it positive vibes and harmony

Use to detox and cleanse your emotions and ease depression, used in healing to bring balance to the body

Metaphysically healing for the immune system, boosting our vitality

Removes emotional baggage like grief or blocked emotions

Double Termination Wands are powerful healing wands with the following benefits:

~ They direct energy simultaneously through each end of their terminations

~ they cleanse and balance our chakras

~ they absorb stagnant energy away and direct positive energy flow in through our bodies

~ amplify intentions and manifesting

~ useful for lucid dreaming and recall

~ empowering yourself by circling above your crown chakra and moving down your body

~ enhancing meditation and psychic abilities

~ use as an energy bridge between any two vibrating things, people, crystals, animal healing

You receive one point shown, chosen intuitively for you, all are uniquely beautiful