Green Tourmaline Tumble Stones



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Green Tourmaline is a beautiful healing stone of Mother Earth

It activates and opens the Heart chakra and brings its channelling energy through our energy centres

Green Tourmaline is the Male Yang energy to Pink Tourmaline which is Yin

It encourages us to have courage, strength and brings vitality to our life

With Earth vibrations it connects us with the Divine Love of Universe

Carry as a talisman for strength and financial stability

Metaphysically healing for bringing harmony, equilibrium and peace to our body

Clear Quartz is the master of the crystal kingdom and delivers the healing white ray of light

Removes negativity, charges other crystals and promotes a peaceful atmosphere wherever it is placed

Tumbles are perfect for learning new vibrations and using with crystal healing

They have great energy and are perfect placed in your bra, pocket and under your pillow to receive their positive vibes

You receive one stone chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful  

These are great sized Tumble stones!