Gua Sha Body Scraper ~ Jade



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Jade has all over cleansing and detoxifying vibrations to bring wellbeing

Carrying or wearing Jade brings balance and positive Chi flow

Jade brings longevity and happiness to our life

New Jade is a stone for the heart, fertility, and relieving anxiety

Use it to raise your inner Kundalini energies 

Hold before bedtime to bring dream recall and relieve anxieties that may keep you awake

Jade is a stone held in high regard and royalty since ancient times In Eastern cultures

Jade is considered to bring lasting love, health, wealth and abundance to your life

Metaphysically healing for hormonal mood swings, nails, hair and balance 

  Gua Sha Body Scraper benefits and uses:

- Increases Circulation 

- Releases Muscle Tension

- Reduce Fine Lines, Dark circles and swelling

- Improves collagen and improves elasticity 

- Promotes Lymphatic drainage

- Women nearing menopause

- People with neck and shoulder pain from computer/phone use

- Back pain

Gua Sha is the practice of using these crystal tools with pressure on the skin and body to ease stress and pain. It can cause light bruising, as it releases the tension and energy in the body.

Gua sha is the Chinese word for scraping

This practice allows our Chi to flow freely throughout our body. This is believed to promote balance and wellbeing

You receive one gift box as shown contains 3 different tools