Worry Doll GREEN AVENTURINE Includes Sari Pouch ©



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Worry doll size 55 ~ 60mm

I have created this healing pouch using my knowledge gained from my Crystal Healing Certification and my Native beliefs...

These little dolls are fair trade created and hand made in the villages of Guatemala

These pouches are a unique creation exclusive to MoonstoneGypsyAU ©

The legend of the Worry Doll is as follows:

Hold your Worry Doll before bedtime and tell her your worries. Place the doll under your pillow to bring peaceful sleep. In the morning your worries will be less as the Doll takes them away.

Included for your pillow is a Green Aventurine Tumble stone for its nurturing vibes.

It has energies that build over time and are gentle in nature. Green Aventurine will increase the power of homeopathic remedies

Green Aventurine attracts luck, wealth and prosperity

Healing for fertility, believed to be the best crystal to keep when trying to conceive

Helpful if you are feeling depressed or suffer anxiety. Keep in a plant in Earth overnight for grounding energies the next morning

Always cleanse your crystals after they have been used in healings. They absorb our blockages so require regular cleansing and charging to keep them happy and energised.

* Each pouch contains a unique Worry Doll, all will differ in colour as they are hand made

* Photo Of Worry Doll shown is indicative of their size, they are all beautiful creations!

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