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Tremolite ~ Healing Harmony Silver Pendant

Tremolite ~ Healing Harmony Silver Pendant

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Height: 53mm

Width: 13mm aprox

This amazing green crystal has uplifting vibrations especially for emotions

Use her to elevate your moods, bring a positive outlook and feel a sense of balance from within your spiritual and physical bodies

Tremolite is similar in healing and vibrations as Kyanite and is a great Auric clearer. Hold it facing your body to absorb the empowering energy she holds within, to achieve free flowing energy. You may also circle her around your Aura for protection from negativity. Begin at your Crown and work downwards in a clockwise direction.

Allow your mind to feel more clarity, clear thinking and boost your creativity.

Let your inner talents and dreams surface. Put them into action.

Tremolite activates our Heart Chakra so we resonate with love, compassion and empathy

Being a green crystal she brings us calm, peace and feelings of nature

Metaphysically Healing for boosting immunity, and offering strength for those of us suffering Auto immune diseases in which our body does not recognise itself (it’s hard some days!)

Genuine .925 Sterling silver

You will receive one pendant intuitively chosen for you, each is uniquely beautiful 

Please note our healing harmony pendants contain natural surface imperfections including natural scratches and druzy inclusions, these are not considered a fault as this is how Mother Earth created these beautiful stones!

As Tremolite is classified a toxic crystal I always recommend hand washing after handling, just to be safe (I rarely do this in honesty) but I will put it out there! I’ve been working with crystals for over 6 years and have not had any adverse health conditions from any of them. 

DO NOT USE IN ELIXIRS - I believe this to be true for ANY crystal even “safe” ones.  Tremolite along with a handful of other much loved popular crystals like Malachite, Cinnabar, Azurite, Tigers Eye, Pyrite and Zeolites just to name a few are all considered toxic because they contain any of the following: Mercury, copper, asbestos, lead and some even have arsenic! Don’t be alarmed! If you are sensible they pose little risk when used with care and common sense. 

When handled safely and not broken, crushed, inhaled, injested or injected they are unlikely to cause any adverse reaction as they are handled in a safe manner. 

Jewellery is safe to be worn as it’s a treated surface. I wear my Tremolite Pendant and I’m still alive! ;) 

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