HEART ~ Chakra Singing Bowl



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weight: 500gms

width: 115mm

height: 60mm

These Chakra Bowls each connects us with our favourite chakra

HEART CHAKRA controls our emotions, love, compassion and forgiveness

This chakra connects with our heart, lungs, lymphatic system, breasts and circulation 

Singing Bowls are used by traditional monks, Buddhists, light workers and healers

They are wonderful pieces that promote peace, harmony and balance in your home

They may be used in crystal cleansing, sound healing, relaxation and meditation

I use mine whilst doing crystal healing on clients to provide sound healing on Chakras

They are used by gently holding in your open palm and running the wood striker around the outer rim

The bowl will sing in high pitches and deliver the traditional "Om" chant that brings us inner peace with relaxation

The vibrational note of these bowls produce a frequency that provides sound and energy healing combined

Nepalese Singing Bowls are a spiritual way to relieve stress, depression or irritabilty.

They promote serenity and positive vibes for your soul and surrounds

Use to cleanse your home by walking through each space playing your bowl, they remove negativity and replace with prosperity and joy

Alternatively, for crystals you may place smaller tumble stones in the bowl and play it to cleanse them, or gather a group of larger stones and cleanse them all at one time. 

This will have them cleansed and ready for charging and programming

Some bowls do take practice but once mastered, you will play it each day naturally

I feature a video on my fb page of one in use, my advice is relax and enjoy the experience 

Each of our bowls have their own frequency and resonate to our 7 chakra energy centres

These bowls use colour therapy to connect with the desired chakra

This bowl includes wooden striker