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Herkimer Diamond Healing Bracelet ~ White Magick

Herkimer Diamond Healing Bracelet ~ White Magick

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CHAKRA: Crown 

Size is approx 7 inches 

These bracelets are non adjustable and feature a silver metal clasp

Herkimers are powerful otherworldly energies so not suitable for healing on animals or children

They are colourless, sparkling or opaque and may contain rainbow inclusions, air bubbles or black seeds within

For lucid/vivid dreaming and recall they are wonderful energies. Place one under your pillow and set your intentions before sleep. Keep a journal close and write anything that flows through your mind and consciousness

For out of body experiences or astral travel choose a herkimer with a black seed and focus your energies on that. Always protect yourself before any astral travelling or deep meditation, and always cleanse your crystal afterwards to remove any lower energies it may have absorbed

Used in crystal grids around the home they protect against electromagnetic pollution, negative earth energies and stresses from outside influences

Crystal healing Tip: Place 4 small herkimers around the body at regular intervals, alongside 4 small rose quartz to relieve stress and bring balance back to your body

Metaphysically healing for physical exhaustion, boosting immunity and protection against toxins or radiation

The clarity of each diamond is unique, some clear, some opaque, some contain a seed, they are all equal in quality and energy

You receive one Herkimer Diamond bracelet shown chosen intuitively for you

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