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Candle Holder ~ Himalayan Salt Tea Light

Candle Holder ~ Himalayan Salt Tea Light

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weight: 700gms

height: 70mm

width: 85mm

These tea light holders add gorgeous ambience to any sacred space in your home

They fit tea light candles perfectly and have numerous health benefits as the salt is heated by the flame

Health benefits include :

~ Air purification

~ eases allergy and asthma symptoms 

~ improved sleep patterns

~ protection from emfs and electrical devices

~ adds negative ions to the air, which counteracts the positive ions for harmonious balance 

As these are completely natural they do cry salt tears, when the weather is very humid or raining

Counteract this by placing on a small saucer or paper towel which absorbs any moisture under them

When not in use for a long period simply store in an airtight ziplock bag to keep in perfect condition!

You receive one candle holder, all are uniquely beautiful, their colour will vary from light to dark, all are same benefit! 

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