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Honey Calcite Sphere Includes Wooden Holder

Honey Calcite Sphere Includes Wooden Holder

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CHAKRA: Sacral and Solar Plexus

weight: 297gms

Diameter: 63mm

Like a sweet, enticing desert of golden goodness! How amazing is this colour and energy? You can feel it in the photos!

Honey Calcite is like a Spring or Summer day that makes you open every window of opportunity! She attracts abundance and draws in good fortune to your home or workplace

If you face tough times or need to make important decisions, use a piece in your prayers, manifesting or journalling practices. The answers may present themselves in unexpected ways! 

Calcite is soothing for digestive or stomach issues, especially when caused by stress or diet. It can help restore healthy flow by removing stagnant energy blocks

Healing properties include: IBS easing, metabolism regulating, helping migraines and boosting energy levels 

Crystal spheres/balls bring harmony to their surrounds with their perfect form

In Native American tradition we sit in circles. No one is in charge, no one is behind, no one is left out…. For in a circle we are all equal 

Think of this energy flowing to everyone in your home where the sphere is placed 


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