Indian Agate, Amazonite, Crazy Lace Agate Healing Bracelets ~ FOREST FAERY



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CHAKRA: Heart, Throat and Third Eye


6mm gemstones on elastic for comfort 

7 inches circumference

Amazonite is a stone of courage, luck and calming energies. It has soothing vibes and may be carried as a lucky talisman when entering contests or a burst of luck is needed.

Amazonite removes negative energy, irritability or energy blocks in the body. It also helps us manifest universal love and peace. It provides protection against electromagnetic pollution, when placed near devices.

Metaphysically healing for throats, thyroid and recovery after illness. Keep a piece to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Directs anger away and replaces with positivity and free flow vibes

Amazonite Increases self respect especially in women. It was worn by the semi mythical Amazon women warriors who had their shields adorning it in 10th century BC. This is where the name evolved.

The tones are calming like the waters of the great amazon river that flows

Amazonite is balancing for all 7 of our Chakras but strongly resonates with the Heart and Throat chakras

~ Indian Agate is a powerful Earth energy that brings balance to our Yin/Yang energies. 

Agate stabilizes our aura and brings harmony and calming energies

Brings courage, strength, confidence and eases our fears

It offers protection and vitality to our surrounds

Indian Agate brings spiritual, physical and emotional healing to the wearer

Hold over Chakras in healings to release any blocked energies and restore free flow.

Agate is a powerful cleanser of all our Chakras and brings energy within.

~ Crazy Lace is named the laughter stone as it is associated with Mexican fiestas, fun and brings joy to those who wear it

It is great for energy boosts and regulating your daily energy levels

Provides protective Vibes from negative energies in your surrounds and prevents you getting spooked

Metaphysically healing for skin disorders, varicose veins and blood circulation

Helps you overcome low self esteem and phobias

Keep a piece with you to ward of the Evil Eye and keep your surrounds positive 

You receive a set of bracelets intuitively chosen for you, each is uniquely beautiful 

Healing bracelets are the easy way to receive crystal energies in your daily routine

Do not wet these bracelets as the quality may be affected over time