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Pendulum/Grid Board ~ Chakra Align

Pendulum/Grid Board ~ Chakra Align

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150mm x 150mm 

Time to start using your intuition and practising divination! 

Pendulums help us tune into what has not happened yet....

Pendulums are energy amplifiers that use our own inner magic

They are a simple form of divination to learn and practice

Always cleanse and programme your Pendulum for the highest good and protection when in use.

A wonderful divination and intuitive tool to keep. Use for dowsing, scrying, tarot or investigating paranormal activity, cleansing auras and removing negative energies from your home or workspace 

Use for yes/no charts and higher spiritual connections with the spirit world or guides

I use mine in crystal healings by dowsing over the chakras to ensure even energy flows. Ask your pendulum which chakra is in need of alignment and then place relevant crystals upon your grid board! 

Please note pendulum shown is not included



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