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INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Black Jasper Thumb/Worry Stone - Spirit Eagle

INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Black Jasper Thumb/Worry Stone - Spirit Eagle

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Spirit animals are here to guide us and empower us when we need it on our earthly journey….

Draw in their power and natural instincts and rewild yourself! 

Eagle soars high in the sky and is a messenger for the the two worlds. He is highly favoured in Cherokee and Native American Tribes for his skill and power.

Black Jasper empowers you to make powerful choices and change

In folklore it’s believed to protect against harm and curses

Look towards future pathways by holding your jasper by candlelight, allow thoughts or images to flow 

Magical Aspect this stone helps you realise those who are fake around you, and those whom are trustworthy

Metaphysically healing for pain, stomach issues, restoring strength after illness and protecting against radiotherapy treatments

Palm stones are great used in meditation, massage, as worry stones or in crystal healing

On a healing level Palm Stones work by :

~ reducing our stress levels when we hold and stroke them

~ this releases our natural endorphins or painkillers

~ The crystal energies also give us their their healing vibrations

 You will receive one worry stone chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 

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