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CHAKRA: Throat

Weight: 6gms

Height: 15mm

Width: 25mm

This is a hard crystal to source! And you won’t see many offering it, but we have a beautiful batch and are so excited to share the good vibes with you all

A very enlightening and good energy crystal to connect with…

Blue Gibbsite is a stone to connect us with our Ancestors

It helps us communicate clearly and connects us with higher spirituality

By meditating with this stone you may be able to access higher realms and seek answers to unanswered questions

Manifest your best life and seek a change from the everyday life and work grind

It teaches us to go with the flow and not take matters too serious, enjoy where you are on your journey now and don’t try to skip ahead, have fun now

Metaphysically Healing for swelling and fluid retention, neck and shoulders and your upper back and arms

You will receive one piece of blue gibbsite chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 

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