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CHAKRA: Throat, Third Eye and Crown

A stone that is great for all who are interested in astronomy or astrology

The speckles of light are like stars on a dark night and remind us that light is always to be found

This stone helps you with underlying patterns and past Karma in your life and understanding them so you avoid them in the future journey

Blue Goldstone is a deep midnight blue with copper speckles throughout.

Blue goldstone will repel negative energy from its surrounds and is spiritually protective stone.

Use for distant or absent healing with its amplified energies from the lightworker/healers hand

Great to use for meditation to travel to higher realms. It protects psychic energies and activates our Third Eye Chakra for spiritual enlightenment.

Even though it is man made using alchemy, goldstone contains natural copper.

Metaphysically healing for inflammation and healthy blood flow. Also use for migraines, headaches and pet allergies.

Keep a piece with your qualifications and job references so it will open doors of opportunities for you

You will receive one moon, chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 

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