INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Green Obsidian Arrowheads



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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus and Heart


Weight: 3gms

Height: 30mm

Width: 20mm

This vibrations is a volcanic glass that has been treated to enhance colour

Green Obsidian is believed to be never used for evil or bad energy, only that of healings and for the highest good

It is valued as a wonderful Reiki energy to use when working on the Heart Chakra and moving emotions and energy

Keep a piece of green obsidian as a protection talisman against negativity and allow it to shield your personal aura

Metaphysically healing for power, positivity and feelings of wellbeing

Magickal Aspect ~ Gaia is the soft energy of this healing stone, it’s the total opposite of the powerful fire of black obsidian

An Arrowhead is a perfect personal power talisman to keep

Arrowheads are regarded as an important part of Native American Culture and are considered artifacts  

They represent power, strength and protection. They were used by the tribes for various things like, fishing, battles and wounding animals when needed.

You will receive one Arrowhead Intuitively chosen for you, each are uniquely beautiful.