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INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Natural Citrine & Mica

INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Natural Citrine & Mica

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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus

ELEMENT: Fire and Air

Weight: 125gms

Height: 30mm

Weight: 75mm

Citrine is a stone of the Sun and its healing energies

It brings joy and happiness to families and gatherings

Great to keep in your cash register if you have a business, to encourage cash flow

It brings us health, wealth and prosperity. It does not require cleansing

Keep a piece where your money flows to create wealth

Citrine will also cleanse stones as it holds no negativity within itself

Metaphysically healing for digestive issues, exhaustion, lack of energy, fibromyalgia and bedwetting.

Mica is a beautiful speciman to promote anti anger, and help hysteria and anxieties

It can also be used to help eating disorders and break the cycle

Use Mica near your bedside if you have sleep disturbances or insomnia

It has vibrations to soothe nightmares, especially if connected with Supernatural

Metaphysically healing for digestion, insomnia, emotions, skin and helping memory and concentration

If you notice your mica dulling, place a piece of mica near a green plant.

Magically it protects when placed by the front door

Mica has a naturally flaky texture and care is needed when handling




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