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Intuitively Chosen ~ Peacock Ore

Intuitively Chosen ~ Peacock Ore

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CHAKRA: Third Eye

weight: 20gms

height: 20mm

width: 25mm

Peacock Ore in folklore is created by alchemy in the search to create the philosophers stone

A stone to remove energy blocks from our system and is wonderful to use in Reiki, acupressure, shiatsu or reflexology

Helps you trust your own judgement and not worry about others.  It allows us to appreciate our life and what you have at this present moment

Good to use to reconnect with your intuition and spiritual growth. Carry a piece if you want to encounter ghosts or family spirits that may be present or in your home

Keep in the kitchen or above your fire place to encourage your home guardian

Metaphysically healing for renewal of cells,  it stimulates adrenaline flow, heals blemishes and fevers. Helps calcium production in the body

Peacock Ore is a stone of happiness and spreads joy to you and others. A stone of positive vibes to keep us uplifted

A powerful healing stone when used on chakras during crystal healing. It will activate all remaining chakras for energy flow and balance

You will receive one peacock ore chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely b

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