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INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Phantom Quartz Natural Point

INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Phantom Quartz Natural Point

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Element : Air and Water

Weight: 65gms

Height: 57mm

Width: 33mm

Black phantom quartz gives me the feeling of otherworldly energies whenever I say the name or touch it!

It will protect its keeper against dark Magick or ill wishing 

Those darker manganese/carbon inclusions add to the high vibrations

These are a powerful form of Quartz that can aid in grounding us safely, while we also ascend into higher spiritual realms

Black Phantom targets our Etheric energy field and this protective energy helps protect our Aura, which is so important during spiritual practices

If you are lacking self esteem and feel negative toward yourself, try working with this crystal

Bring peace of mind and clarity to yourself and allow your past wounds to heal

Quartz will help you raise your vibration to feel more positive energy around yourself, this in turn attracts more good your way

Metaphysically healing for strengthening your entire physical and mental bodies and helping your nervous system

Natural Points are wonderful for crystal healing and directing energy toward and away from your spiritual and physical energy fields 

These are intuitively chosen for you, each is uniquely beautiful 


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