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INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Flat Stone ~ Rainbow Magnetic Hematite

INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Flat Stone ~ Rainbow Magnetic Hematite

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Weight: 80gms

Height: 50mm

Width: 45mm

This amazing stone is symbolic of Mother Earth and said to draw success toward you with her magnetic pull

Hematite is a stone that is a natural pain reliever, and I often wear a hematite choker to ease my neck pain, for me it works!

Hematite is effective at helping ease the pain of arthritis, joints and improving fatigue

To use Hematite in healing hold a piece over your sore areas for at least 10 minutes whilst relaxing  

This helps draw out energy blocks and achieve free flow energies to your body

Hematite removes any negative energies out of our Aura and surrounding spiritual bodies

It is very stimulating for our mind and enhances memory

It is highly protective stone to its owner and is also boosting for our immunity

Metaphysical healing for air, car or travel sickness, blood disorders

Hematite is made magnetic by using a natural finely powered composite of natural hematite, small amounts of other minerals like copper, titanium, aluminium and magnetite. It is then heated until it granulates and cut and polished into desired forms. A strong magnetic field is also applied during the process to form a permanent magnet. 

Palm stones are great used in meditation, massage, as worry stones or in crystal healing

On a healing level Palm Stones work by :

~ reducing our stress levels when we hold and stroke them

~ this releases our natural endorphins or painkillers

~ The crystal energies also give us their their healing vibrations

You receive one palm Stone chosen intuitively for you. Please note small surface inventions may occur this is not an imperfection…

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