INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Smoky Quartz Natural Point



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height: 40mm

width: 13mm aprox

A stone of protective grounding vibes with water clear clarity in beautiful smoky tones

These points come drilled at the top so they may be used for jewellery or crafts. The hole is small and not very noticeable.  This does not affect crystal energy.

Smoky quartz is a crystal that will guard against psychic attacks, paranormal activity and keep evil energies away

Perfect to keep on your bedside at night

It will bring sleep if you have insomnia and help ease your anxieties or panic attacks

Use to absorb misfortune and sorrows and keep during times of stress

Metaphysically healing for depression, helping energy blocks and helping chronic pain

Smoky quartz eliminates and detoxes our system on all levels

Natural points are perfect used in crystal healing, they Spiral energy into our body or remove energy blocks or get stagnant energy flowing again

These are wonderful grid layouts too

Use them to manifest and amplify intentions and hold during meditation 

You will receive one point intuitively chosen for you, each is uniquely beautiful