Jet Healing Bracelet with Elephant



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8mm gemstones on elastic for comfort 

7 inches circumference

Jet is an amazingly lightweight stone that has been used to protect against death and evil spirits

In folklore it is believed to repel evil energies, darkness and black magick

 Jet is considered an anti debt crystal, so keep a piece near your credit cards or bank statements to remind you

For our fur babies that have reached the end of their life, it can be used to allow them to gently cross over to the other spiritual realms. Wrap a piece in natural fabric and place near your animal

Emotionally, this glossy black beauty helps ease grief, depression and healing after the loss of a loved one

Magical Aspect is to keep it around your neck to protect against spite, ill wishing and negativity

Metaphysically healing for headaches or migraines, labour and menstrual cramping. It may also ease stomach discomfort 

Healing bracelets are an easy way to receive crystal energies in your daily routine

Please do not wet bracelet as this may affect the quality over time