Kamini Perfume Oil ~ FRANKINCENSE



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Made in India with the highest quality

Glass 8ml bottle with secure lid to avoid spillage and roller applicator 

These beautifully natural roller oil perfumes contain exotic aromas, that linger for hours after application

They are naturally derived herbal fragrances that heal our senses and mind 

Perfume oils are concentrated non-alcoholic oils which are used as roll on perfumes. These oils have a high strength made from essential oils and carrier oils.

Frankincense Oil is soothing and perfect for meditation and for everyday wearing

This essential oil is used for

~ Inducing a relaxed feeling

~ Grounding 

~ Inducing sleep

~ spicy warm aroma

 ~ uplifting for our moods 

These oils are perfect sized to pop in your purse and carry with you wherever you go

They are also beneficial applied to the wrist or temples before bedtime 

You receive one bottle shown