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Kiwi Jasper Tumble Stone

Kiwi Jasper Tumble Stone

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Jaspers are metamorphic undergoing repeated changes from heat, movement and pressure from Mother Earth that gives them their inner strength

Jasper absorbs negative energy and cleanses whilst aligning our physical, mental, etheric and auric bodies

It clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution from our surrounds

Jasper activates our sexuality and increases pleasureĀ 

It may assist you overcoming lethargy and depression and aids clear communication by activating the Throat chakra.

This beautiful stone also resonates with our solar plexus chakra when used in healings

Metaphysically healing for low energy, allergies and balancing emotions

~ Kiwi Jasper originates from New Zealand and looks very similar to Moonstone but with a pretty green hue!

Tumble Stones are perfect sized to carry everywhere, these are wonderful to place under your pillow for restful sleeping

Tumbles are also used in healing by placing in your bra or pocket, this skin contact is beneficial and allows us to connect with the crystal vibesĀ 

You receive 1 Tumble stone chosen intuitively for you


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