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Kunzite DIVINE FEMININE Healing Bracelet ©️

Kunzite DIVINE FEMININE Healing Bracelet ©️

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CHAKRA: Heart and Third Eye

8mm gemstones on elastic for comfort 

7 inches circumference

Kunzite has a colour spectrum of pink and lilac and is an absolutely beautiful energy

The lilac colour is less common than lighter pink, and is a stone suited to all women

Worn as jewellery or carrying Kunzite offers protection from harmful spirits

She works by healing emotions and awakening our inner divine feminine energy 

Kunzite shares peace, harmony and helps a link between our mind and emotions 

Her ray of lilac/pink infuses serenity and feminine healing on all levels 

It also filters out EMF’s from electrical devices like, phones, laptops etc

From a magickal aspect this is a stone to enhance psychic intuitive powers and to channels spirit guides and guardians

Metaphsically Healing for menopausal symptoms, increasing libido and protection against chemical pollutants

Healing bracelets are an easy way to receive crystal energies in your daily routine

Please do not wet bracelet as this may affect the quality over time


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