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Labradorite MAGICK Healing Bracelet ©️

Labradorite MAGICK Healing Bracelet ©️

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CHAKRA: Third Eye and Throat


10mm gemstone beads on elastic

7 inches diameter one size fits most

Labradorite is known for its beautiful iridescent colouring and shimmers of colour

Develops our psychic awareness and spiritual growth 

Labradorite strengthens our aura and unites all our Chakras

A stone for determination and motivation and independent thought

Wearing labradorite brings the fun and spontaneity back to your life

Gets you out of your routine if you feel stuck in the daily grind

Metaphysically healing for bronchitis, respiratory complaints, menstruation and PMS

Healing bracelets are the easy way to receive crystal vibes into your daily routine 

Do not wet your bracelet as quality may be affected over time

A magical and mysterious stone to keep

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