Lapis Lazuli Chips Vial



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CHAKRA: Throat and Brow

ELEMENT: Water and Air

weight: 15gms

height: 50mm

width: 20mm

(glass bottle)

Lapis has been mined in the mountains of Afghanistan for 6000 years.

It is among the first gems used in jewellery

A beautiful stone that forms friendships and deep communication

It brings truth and harmony and forms long lasting relationships and brings calming vibes

Use as a protection stone in grids or around your home when placed in 4 corners

Lapis is great to manifest and use in magic rituals, used during meditation it increases energies

Use to connect with higher spirit guides and increase your intuition 

Lapis teaches spiritual love and compassion and helps us realise what's important to us 

Metaphysically healing for headaches, migraines, reducing pain and inflammation and the nervous system.

Add a little vial of Magick to your collection!