Lava Stone/Basalt Diffuser Anklet ~ Goddess Pele



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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus and Root

8mm gemstones on elastic 

9 inch circumference

This stone is sacred to Hawaii and the volcanic Goddess Pele

Lava Stone\Basalt is amazing solidified volcanic rock

Wear to attract positivity and to shine, believed to attract lasting love

Great if you suffer irritability or have a bad temper it brings a sense of calm 

It brings grounding and earthing energies from within to provide balance

Its earthy energies bring us rebirth and stability for our life

Regarded as a lucky stone as it contains the four ancient magical elements 

Metaphysically healing for drawing out pain and illness, may ease skin conditions

It will increase vitality and help with lethargy

Healing bracelets are an easy way to receive crystal energies in your daily routine

Do not wet this bracelet as it may affect its quality over time

Positive benefits of wearing, holding and healing with Lava\Basalt Stone are:

~ Stability

~ Clearing Negative energy

~ Libido boosting

~ Emotional Calming

~ Enchance creativity

~ Bring inner strength and courage

~ Remove anger

These anklets are perfect for use with our Essential Oil range as a diffuser 

Lava Stone is a porous stone making it absorb the oils into its core

Essential oils are used with our Diffuser Bracelets by:

~ placing a drop of oil on your fingertip 

~ rub into one or two of the lava stone beads (no other crystal type)

~ allow to soak into the bead and enjoy the natural aromam

~ repeat as often as required

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