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Leather Journal Dreamcatcher (small)

Leather Journal Dreamcatcher (small)

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height: 100mm

width: 70mm

These beautifully made leather diaries also contain recycled paper 

Leather is a natural product and is sourced ethically from deceased animals, they are not killed to make these diaries for us! So please no haters! Be respectful of others. 

These originate from India and as we all know cows are sacred holy animals to them, they allow them to roam freely as they wish and they also decorate them with gorgeous flowers during festivals and celebrations. 

To me I see leather as an extension of their life. These diaries give honour to the beloved animal who once lived. 
You receive one diary intuitively chosen for you, colour will slightly vary as they are handmade product

Please don’t expect perfection, these have rustic character

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