Lemon Onyx Tumble Stones



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CHAKRA: Root and Solar Plexus 


This is a powerful protective stone to keep

Wearing or carrying onyx on will bring grounding energies.

Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and brings balance

It deflects harmful or evil energies away from you

It offers protection against negative people and gives you a positive outlook on life

Metaphysically healing for improving cell regeneration, vitality and nausea

Thos beautiful tone also activates the Solar Plexus for digestive issues, balance and inner health

Good for those who suffer an obsession or addiction

Onyx comes in various colours, some are dyed this in now way affects its metaphysical healing. These are dyed.

Place in your pocket, purse or bra whenever healing energies are require. Placed on your bedside table or under your pillow brings healing whilst sleeping.

You will receive one tumble stone intuitively chosen for you