Lemurian Seed Natural Point



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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus and Crown

weight: 51gms

height: 66mm

width: 35mm 

Lemurian Seeds are grown and originate in the sand beds of Brazil

These golden variety also activate our Solar Plexus for balance and inner strength

Containing the golden ray, they encase the spirit with healing and light

They contain wisdom passed down and stored within the crystal from holy people and prophets of ancient times

It is believed that they pass this knowledge onto the keeper of the crystal who may draw upon this ancient healing wisdom when they hold and meditate with the crystal

Metaphysically healing for whole body healing and balancing

Strengthens the immune system and a useful tool in Reiki healing

These natural points are used in crystal healing to channel positive energy toward the body or remove negative energy away from the body

Points are powerful tools for clarifying and focusing intentions

Always cleanse your quartz after healing and manifesting. This is an important step to keep your quartz points amplified and positive