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Candle Holder ~ Lepidolite

Candle Holder ~ Lepidolite

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weight: 1kgs

height: 60mm

width: 115mm

A crystal to bring balance and positive change to your life with Cosmic awareness

It has soft nurturing energies that connect us with our inner self

Meditating with this crystal helps resolve long standing issues and helps you move forward

Helps with OCD and stops you worrying about the small things in life

Soothing for personality disorders and detoxifying for emotions and depression

Lepidolite is useful for insomnia, place near your bedside to bring peaceful sleep

Metaphysically healing for nerve related issues, menopause and joint pain

A stone for strengthening the immune system

Protective energies against electro magnetic fields when placed beside electrical devices

These candle holders fit tea lights perfectly, and may also be used as a planter for succulents or small plants

The base is felt lined, so it will not scratch furnishings 

You will receive one candle holder chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 

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