Lodolite/Garden Quartz medium teardrop

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 weight: 8gms

height: 27mm

width: 19mm

An amazing crystal used by Shamans to bring revelations and visions 

Also used as a dream crystal to bring answers we seek

Hold before bed and keep a journal by your bed to record any messages that flow through your subconscious

Use to connect with past life issues and your spirit guides or higher realms for guidance

Use in meditation as a focal point to go into a deeper state of consciousness 

Lodolite is a powerful healing stone and releases our fears within

It aids spiritual growth and is a shamanic connection stone to stimulate our spirituality

They are all unique and contain their own little world, gardens, landscapes & underwater kingdoms are always perfectly formed inside the quartz

They are mystical to gaze into and explore by candlelight, it highlights their many inclusions

Keep one in the garden to connect with wildlife and nature spirits

Lodalite has nurturing and loving energies, despite its powerful vibrations

Metaphysically it heals us on all levels.  Mind, body, soul and aura