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Adjustable Macrame Bracelet ~ Blue/Green Howlite

Adjustable Macrame Bracelet ~ Blue/Green Howlite

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CHAKRA: Heart and Throat 

Adjustable macrame 8mm beads 

A stone of beautiful vitality and harmony with peaceful sleep

Brings visions, perseverance and energy

It encourages clear speech and empowers its keeper

Metaphysically healing for sore throats, balance, healthy skin and mobility

Use howlite for meditation and to bring mind focus or creativity

A stone that brings serenity and removes negativity from our surrounds

It has strengthening energies and helps stabilise or moods and emotions 

Please be aware this is a dyed coloured stone. This in no way affects the natural vibration of the howlite within 

You will receive one Bracelet chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 

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