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Macrame Necklace ~ Madagascan Agate ~ Rainbow

Macrame Necklace ~ Madagascan Agate ~ Rainbow

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CHAKRA: Root and Sacral


These macrame necklaces are waxed cotton and may be adjusted to desired length

The crystal may also be changed depending on what energy you feel you most require!

These gorgeous Madagascan Banded Agate Freeforms deliver the most intricate psychedelic patterns ever!

Burn some white sage, grab your meditation pillow & allow your mind to travel to different dimensions.

Agate is protective, so you can keep your physical body grounded while the minds eye & astral body float weightlessly into the Universe....

This beautiful form of Agate originates in Madagascar

It contains a variety of earthy natural tones and gorgeous natural banding patterns

Known as “Earth Rainbow” these are among the most ancient crystals used in healings and protection

Great to keep a piece nearby electrical devices whilst working to shield harmful emissions

Keep a piece with you to enchance creativity, and self expression

Agates are a protective stone, that give us balance and strong connection with Earth vibrations

They may be used to balance our Yin/Yang energies

Magically this stone is wonderful to bury by a waning moon, in bare earth. Plant a piece and release your thoughts or injustices.

Metaphysically healing for bones, and digestion issues

You will receive one macrame necklace intuitively chosen for you, each is uniquely beautiful! 

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