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Macrame Necklace ~ Trolleite ~ Serenity

Macrame Necklace ~ Trolleite ~ Serenity

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CHAKRA: Throat

These macrame necklaces are waxed cotton and may be adjusted to desired length

The crystal may also be changed depending on what energy you feel you most require!

This is one serene beautiful healing vibration

She has calming and soothing energy for emotions when you may feel upheaval or troubled

If you love meditation, holding this stone during your practice will deepen concentration and reveal your inner self

Trolleite helps us banish old emotions and fears and move forward to new paths

Metaphysically healing for boosting our immune system, easing headaches and easing addictions or obsessions. Brings balance to our endocrine system

Please do not wet your macrame as quality long term will be affected

You receive one necklace chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful!

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