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Madagascan Banded Agate Sphere Includes Wooden Holder

Madagascan Banded Agate Sphere Includes Wooden Holder

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CHAKRA: Root and Sacral

weight: 50gms

diameter: 34mm

Looking for a focus point?

Burn some white sage, grab your meditation pillow & allow your mind to travel to different dimensions.

Agate is protective, so you can keep your physical body grounded while the minds eye & astral body float weightlessly into the Universe....

This beautiful form of Agate originates in Madagascar

It contains a variety of earthy natural tones and gorgeous natural banding patterns

Known as “Earth Rainbow” these are among the most ancient crystals used in healings and protection

Great to keep a piece nearby electrical devices whilst working to shield harmful emissions

Keep a piece with you to enchance creativity, and self expression

Agates are a protective stone, that give us balance and strong connection with Earth vibrations

They may be used to balance our Yin/Yang energies

Magically this stone is wonderful to bury by a waning moon, in bare earth. Plant a piece and release your thoughts or injustices.

Metaphysically healing for bones, and digestion issues

Crystal spheres/balls bring harmony to their surrounds with their perfect shape

They direct even energy flow when used in crystal healing

Use as a focal point during meditation or for scrying


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