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Making Magick Oracle

Making Magick Oracle

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Work with the ancient magick of symbols to master the positive and negative energies in your life.

Art in the form of symbols is one of humankind’s earliest representations of spirituality. Symbols are often recognised as being signs from a higher power designed to help us live more authentic and insightful lives. Their significance to humans has been well documented by archaeologists, researchers and scholars worldwide. In ancient times, special symbols were drawn or engraved into items and worn as jewellery or carried in pockets and bags.

They were thought to protect the wearer and help them achieve their hopes and dreams. If an individual truly believed in the power of the symbol it would work its magick.

The charms, talismans and amulets found at archaeological sites around the world have been inscribed with a variety of symbolic words, pictures, lines and shapes, all of which represented something powerful to the wearer.

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