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Serpentine Mala Prayer/ Beads CREATIVITY

Serpentine Mala Prayer/ Beads CREATIVITY

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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus

6mm gemstones on elastic

700mm approximately 

Malas contain 108 beads including the guru bead

Serpwntine/Yellow Turquoise is a combination Jasper and Serpentine with hematite veining throughout

It is a stone to enhance spiritual growth, communication, creativity and intuition 

It is great used in meditation allowing higher wisdom

It promotes serenity and vitality whilst bringing balance

Yellow Turquoise is a stone of positive energy, and beneficial in healing

Metaphysically healing for activating the Solar Plexus Chakra and aligning all the Chakras

Mala beads are used to practice a daily mantra whilst meditating. You begin on one side and work through each bead until you reach the larger guru in the centre. Repeat your chant on the other side

Your affirmation may be whatever inspires you. You set your intent and focus to this thought

When wearing you will retain the spiritual energies and bring them into your daily routine

These feature a Chinese eternal Knot in their centre

Please do not wet malas as their quality may be affected over time


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