Insightful Guidance & Life Direction Reading (outlook for the next several-12months) 🔥



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IMPORTANT - Upon booking your tarot reading, it is your responsibility to email me promptly with the following details:
Full Name
1-2 chosen questions for your Spirit Guides
My email address is:

You will receive your reading within 3 weeks of booking purchase ~ 


Connecting with your Spirit Guides, auric energy, and the symbolic archetypes of tarot, you will gain insight on your chosen focus points, which include:

🔥 Over the next several months you are being guided to:

~ Focus your mindset and energy towards…

~ What you need to avoid doing…

~ What you need to embrace, start doing or implementing…

~ What (potential) challenges does Spirit see in your future…

~ Any advice, guidance or messages Spirit feels you need to hear for the upcoming months…

~ What universal energy will surround you over the upcoming months…

~ 1-2 Questions you would like to ask your Spirit Guides about?

P.s. I created this wonderful tarot spread because we all need a little guidance and direction in our life! Perhaps you want a insight to what lies ahead, where you should be investing your focus & energy, or what you should be mindful of...

This tarot spread may very well provide you with motivation, and a renewed sense of the confidence to approach, overcome, embrace, and acknowledge future situations, potential challenges, and how the universal energies will impact your life and mindset ~



A little insight about me and how I conduct my tarot readings…

I am a philosophical thinker and deeply spiritual person. I have been a professional tarot reader since 2018 and have provided over 700 intuitive readings for clients!!✨

With my tarot readings, I connect with your personal energy, Spirit Guides (both mine and yours) and intertwine the messages I receive from tarot with the messages I hear in my mind. This is why I offer online readings and do not need to be face-to-face with clients, as spiritual readings are conducted through energy connection, trust and intuition 💕

I am internationally accredited with a certification in Tarot Reading, which I studied extensively for. The reason I decided to “certify” my natural intuitive ability, is to provide clients with peace of mind that I am 100% genuine and invested in providing an authentic and honest reading. 

Everything in your tarot reading and emails is completely confidential!